$168 *includes gst


Information can be overwhelming - getting 1-on-1 coaching in your journey can make a big impact on your success towards your goals and habits.

This monthly coaching subscription gets you 1-on-1 check-ins every week to help you navigate your new lifestyle changes, and overcome any roadblocks.

  • Weekly check-ins to evaluate your progress and make adjustments along the way. 
  • A Cronometer Gold membership for your nutrition tracking
  • Unlimited (text) access to your coach to ask any questions that may pop up along the way!

We all like to think we can do it alone, but if you're like so many others who have bought bundles and plans that go unfinished and left in the depths of your online files thinking that you'll get to it 'one day', this time can be different.

With personal coaching, you can have the accountability and feedback that you need to succeed towards your goals. These check-ins can be via phone, text, email, Zoom, or whatever way you best communicate! You will have access to your coach for any questions that arise or changes that come up throughout the duration of this subscription. Having a coach in your corner can be the difference between success in your eating habits, and adding another forgotten file to your Dropbox.

This is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time, no commitment required, so there's no risk in trying it for your first month and deciding if it's working for you!

Add on weekly coaching sessions for just $189/month with no strings attached!

Nutrition Bundle

A packaged designed just for you and your nutritional needs! During our initial consult, we will discuss your goals, your current eating habits, and how to best structure this information for your learning style.

This includes:

  • 3 month membership to Cronometer Gold app
  • Initial consultation where we will discuss your needs and challenges
  • Personalized nutrition plan catered to your learning style (catered... get it?)


You have the option of adding on 1-on-1 accountability & coaching to your information bundle, just click the box above the purchase button to add it on.